Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Sq. Ft. Garden

Spring has been here for a while now and I've been meaning to come over here and type something snazie up but haven't been able to make the time...been busy and all that jazz! But...things are starting to grow in my garden so I thought I'd come and give an update.

This is year #2 for my square foot garden. I kept the same layout with just a few adjustements. Last year, I had the corn in two areas and they did ok but they affected the peas since they blocked out sunlight. So this year, they are all along the back fence. Hopefully that will help. Last year I had the back middle planted with potatoes and the left & right side growing carrots. Not a single carrot grew. The potatoes completely took over, blocked the sun and grew where the carrots would have. This year, it's strictly potatoes in the back and carrots in the front middle & right sides. They are blocked from the potatoes so I'm hoping they do well. I also have radishes mixed in with the carrots in the right side. Once I harvest the radishes, I plan on planting some more carrots. Where I have the onions now, I had strawberry plants. I dug those up and placed those in their own box. I have bush beans on the right side, along with pole beans and bush cucumbers. In a few weeks, I will plant some watermelon to see how those grow.
So far, the peas, onions and potatoes are doing well. I have to be careful though...every time I see the potato plants, I want to start digging just to see if anything is growing yet. Although patience is a isn't one I've cultivated all that well! :o)
Yesterday, I planted everything else (corn, cucumbers, beans, carrots & radishes). Hopefully things grow well since I'll actually be here to harvest instead of having hubby do it.
So there you have garden! Yes, I know...I really need to cut the grass. Something I didn't think about when I placed the boxes and now I'm paying for it. It's extremely hard to get to!
I'll be back to update in a few weeks. Hopefully I'll have good stuff to report!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Last Garden Post

With Fall just around the corner, I think this will be my last post about my garden for the year. While the crops were not overly abundant, things did grow and produce vegetables for us to enjoy. I learned a few valuable lessons that I hope will provide a better yield next year.

Let's see...

The peas did fairly well until the corn got bigger. Then it blocked the sun and the ones directly behind it died. So next year, I need to put the corn in the furthest corner to prevent that from happening again. The cucumbers are actually doing fairly well...I've got a few more growing right now and have taken 3 off of them so far.

The tomato plants went wild! At least this particular variety did. year the tomatoes will be in pots instead of in the garden. The potatoes did well and I got enough to have with two meals. However, the potatoes grew much further than I realized so they actually stole all of the space from the carrots so those did not fair very well. The onions didn't do well either because of the potatoes. So...I'm either going strictly potatoes or skipping them completely and growing only carrots. No onions though...we don't eat them enough to make growing them worth it.

The green beans are doing great. I've been able to go out and pick some every few days. They're starting to slow down now that the nights are starting to get cooler but there's still some flowers waiting to grow. The strawberries are making a comeback which is great. Hopefully they'll grow something...I don't usually have any luck with those.

So there you have it. My garden in a nutshell. I will let the tomatoes finish out as well as the green beans. Then I'll pull those up and wait until next year to add more fertilizer and start over again. I will say that it was nice to have a garden with very little effort on my part. There was no weeding involved. The biggest time I spent on it was the building and mixing of the soil components. Other than the watering, it's been easy breezy. My kind of gardening!

Can't wait for next year!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden Update

The garden has been built (looking mighty cool, I might add) and almost completely planted. A slight miscalculation (and mind change) freed up a square so I need to go grab a couple more tomato plants.

I haven't downloaded pictures off my camera yet but I will soon so I can post what it looks like so far. Everything seems to be growing rather well. The only thing I'm not impressed with yet are the Strawberry roots I bought. They haven't done anything so I replaced two of them with live plants.

Let's see...

Peas have sprouted
Corn has sprouted
Cucumbers have just sprouted today
Potatoes have plants growing
Carrots have sprouted
Onions have new tails (or whatever you call them)
2 yellow cherry tomato plants have been planted
2 strawberry plants have been planted
Lettuce has lots of new leaves and are looking more and more like iceberg lettuce should
The green beans haven't sprouted yet but one of them had a root so strong it pushed the seed straight up to the I reburied it. Hopefully in the next couple of days something will sprout.

I find myself having to water about every other day or so. The top soil dries pretty quickly but it's just the thin top layer. The rest stays pretty moist.

Anyway, so far so good! The kids really enjoy running out there every day to see if something new has popped up. It's fun to watch their excitement!

The plants started inside are doing well too. Already had two peas and it looks like we'll be getting some green beans pretty soon too. Yay!

I'll post pics soon, I promise.

Oh and I forgot to mention that we had a thief come and eat one of my lettuce heads. Stupid rabbits! I layed brick around the fence in hopes of keeping them far there hasn't been any more lettuce go missing. Now instead of 8, I have 7. Grrr!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Garden of my Very Own!

My birthday will be here soon (Happy Birthday to ME!) and my birthday present is that my DH is building me a raised garden. I'm pretty's my first garden ever! So...since it starts in Spring, I will post what's going on in there from time to case anyone is interested.

I spent the last 2 days planning it (it won't be very big) and so now I am trying to find the stuff needed for it. As soon as I put my plan on the computer, I will see if I can post it here. I will be planting the following:

Peas, beans, corn, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions & strawberries. Yes, I know there's tons more stuff out there but these are things I know the kids will enjoy and since they all require different kinds of harvesting, it will give them something interesting every time.

The last frost for our area is mid to late April so I will be able to start planting some stuff next week, I think. This is where I have troubles. Figuring out which things can be planted when. This will definitetly be a learn as you go type of thing! :o)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

St. Patrick's Day was yesterday...hope you had a great time! Cullen didn't pay us a visit this year...he must've gotten confused in all of the moving that we've done. But not to worry...Mom came through with some little gifts for the kids.
Last, was it really only last year?...I found the cutest little tins of choclates. They were green and in the shape of a Shamrock (Lindt Chocolates, I think) so I got 2 of them for the little ones. I will admit that I ate the chocolate lol but used the tins to put some little gifts in there for the kids. So...this year, I did that again.

This time, they each received a St. Patrick's Day storybook, a gold dollar coin, a green necklace (was actually a Mardi Gras decoration that I took apart), a mini decorative pin and some stickers that I cut up to fit inside. Nothing big...just a little something. I had thought of getting those tag (?) bracelets that you can attach some little decorative clips to but they were a bit more expensive than I wanted.

Here's the tins that I found and use for the kids.

Spring Notebook

I don't have pictures yet...I will though! Just thought I'd run through what's in my notebook and take pictures later.

There are 11 sections in this notebook. While I realize that Spring doesn't "technically" start until next week, to avoid confusion, I used the 1st of March as the beginning of my Spring notebook.

1. My Mother's birthday
-Gift Ideas
2. Daylight Savings Time
-Menu Planner
-Folder for Magazine Ideas
3. St. Patrick's Day
-Menu Planner
-Leprechaun Antics
-Gift Ideas for the Tins (these are Shamrock shaped candy tins...1 for each child)
-Pot of Gold Hiding Ideas
-Decorating Ideas
-Description of Items in Storage Bin
-Folder for Magazine Ideas
4. Mother-In-Law's Birthday
-Gift Ideas
5. First Day of Spring
-Menu Planner
6. My Birthday
-Gift help out DH :o)
-Menu Planner
-Party Planner
7. April Fool's Day
-Prank Ideas
8. Easter
-Easter Countdown
-Easter Debriefing
-Easter Decor Inventory
-Menu Planner
-Easter Basket Planner
-Description of Items in Storage Bin
-Easter Blogs
-Egg Hunt Ideas
-Folder for Magazine Pages
9. My Brother's Birthday
-Gift Ideas
10. Mother's Day
-Gift Ideas for our Moms
-Gift Ideas for Me...again, to help out DH
-Menu Planner
-Folder for Magazine Pages
11. DH's Birthday
-Gift Ideas
-Menu Planner
-Party Planner
-Folder for Magazine Pages

As you can see, there's a bunch of stuff in there. I haven't actually used all of the sections yet but I am adding a little bit to it when I find something interesting. I don't have a section for it yet but I do plan on having a list of weird and wacky holidays for us to choose from and celebrate each month.

In the Easter section, I also have some page protectors that I put my window clings on. It helps keep them organized I've found and they're right there when I need them. That's what I'll be doing with all of my window clings from now on.

That's about it for this notebook. As soon as I can motivate myself to take some pictures of it, I will. I warn you though that it's nothing exciting and most of the pages in there are just blank lined papers. I decided that it's best to have a working notebook rather than a perfect notebook to start with. I'll add the perfection later. :o)

Hope this helps you figure out what to put in your notebooks too!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My First Post!

With Spring just around the corner, I can now start posting on this blog. Yay! My first order of business will be posting what's in my Spring notebook. Then, we'll tackle St. Patrick's day stuff. Funness! Can't wait! I love Spring and all it has to offer!